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Predatory Capitalism ~ When Corporations Go Unregulated

Unregulated profit-seeking corporations cannot be trusted to protect the Public,

because their main objective is to make profits,

not to be a do-gooder for the Public.

Whenever profit-making conflicts with the Public interest, profit-making wins!

Thus they become Predators on the Public, not Protectors of the Public.

This is not a radical idea, but an obvious fact, if you think about it.

Profit-seeking corporations exist to make a profit, and the more profit, the better.

Anything which increases profits is good for them; and anything which decreases profits is bad.

So they try to do whatever is necessary to make profits.

This is the essence of Laissez-faire Capitalism: that profit-seeking corporations should be left alone to do whatever they choose to do in order to make profits.

Employees get paid to help the company make a profit, not to be a do-gooder for the general Public.

Just suppose a local manager decided to give away $1,000,000 of the company’s money

to build a playground for the neighborhood children.

“The kids need the playground!,” he says.

Unless this playgound were part of some co-ordinated Public Relations effort,

intended ultimately to produce greater profit,

the employee would probably be fired, and replaced by someone with a better profit-making attitude.

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