Russia Deploys S-300 Systems In Abkhazia


[Russia knows what is coming.

Before Israel can start a war in Iran,

the land supply routes through the Caucasus mountains must be closed down by a war,

which is what Georgia is about to start with Russia.

Russian S-300 systems

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The deployment of S-300 air defense systems in Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia threatens the balance of forces in the region, Georgia’s State Minister for Reintegration Temur Yakobashvili said on Wednesday.

The commander of the Russian Air Force, Col. Gen Alexander Zelin announced earlier on Wednesday that Russia had deployed S-300 missiles in Abkhazia to protect the airspace of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in conjunction with other air defense means deployed by the Ground Forces.

“This move primarily contradicts the cease-fire agreement [between Russia and Georgia] concluded on August 12 [2008],” Yakobashvili said in an interview with Novosti-Georgia news agency.

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