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Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, & Takedown Of The U.S.A.

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As far as the U.S. is concerned, the financiers will have used us for a century, then thrown us in the trash.

The U.S. may well be replaced by China, which the financiers seem to be grooming as the world’s next military enforcer.

China has the advantage of an absolutist one-party system which has achieved remarkable success in terrorizing its huge population into obedience and passivity.

The financiers would not hesitate to sacrifice hordes of Chinese to fight both Russia and what may remain of the U.S.

By this time, the European Union will likely have its own unified nuclear deterrent to protect the financial centers.

The time may come when there will be Chinese bases in the U.S. as occupiers/military police.

The wisest and safest course for U.S. foreign policy could be a new alliance with Russia

that would rekindle our affinity with that nation from over a century ago.

But how likely is this in a world ruled by the financiers where the destruction of the two nations is a long-term goal?

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