A Case Of Decency Deficit In Israeli Society


Former Israeli Soldier Eden Abargil seems to have decency deficit problems.

If nothing else she cannot see that there is in fact violence in her photos.

The Palestinian men whom she is so gleefully guarding have obviously suffered violence simply by being bound and blindfolded for resisting illegal occupation.

So, is Eden Abargil’s decency deficiency a personal problem, or is she simply an acculturated, “normal” member of a society that is collectively deficient of decency?

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It is true that in any given population there will always be a range of decency.

Some might use the term morality instead of decency, but morality is loaded with too many disputed meanings.

The term decency, hopefully, has a broader recognizable footprint.

At the lowest end of any range of decency are those who are so egocentric or perverted that they not only act in ways that are harmful to others,

but they do so as a form of enjoyment.

In extreme cases, such people usually end up in prison,

or even asylums for the criminally insane.

They have committed serial murders or some other form of horrible physical abuse.

They have robbed their elderly neighbors for the fun of it or set fire to the local hospital or what have you.

Yet, it is a strange quirk of our way of doing things that such degenerates can actually find a place in society were there is an accepted scope for their particular attitudes and actions.

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