U.S. Military Intervention In Africa ~ The New Blueprint For Global Domination


The United States’ intervention in Africa is driven by America’s desire to secure valuable natural resources and political influence

that will ensure the longevity of America’s capitalist system,

military industrial complex,

and global economic superiority

– achieved through the financial and physical control of raw material exports.

While America’s prosperity may be waning due to a number of current factors,

policy makers are bent on trying to preserve America’s global domination

and will pursue policy objectives regardless of the downturn in the economy at large.

The U.S. has a long history of foreign intervention and long ago perfected the art of gaining access to other countries’



and capital resource markets

through the use of foreign trade policy initiatives,

international law,



when all else fails,

military intervention.


Typically and historically,

diplomatic efforts have largely been sufficient for the U.S. to establish itself as a player in other nations’ politics and economies.

While U.S. intervention in Africa is nothing new,

the way the U.S. is going about the intervention features a new method that is being implemented across the globe.

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