Jean Ziegler ~ Hatred Of The West

This interview by Agnès Rousseaux and Alexandro Rosinhawas was published by the French information web site BASTA!

on January 27, 2009.

It is based on Jean Ziegler’s latest book “Hatred of the West”

(La Haine de l’Occident – Albin Michel, October, 2008)

Jean Ziegler, one of the leading proponents in the world today for justice and the right to food and human dignity for all people,

reaches out in particular to the poverty-stricken people in the South.

He has been leading a passionate fight over the past few decades against the appalling callousness and blindness of the West,

the greed of multinational corporations that run the global financial system.

Their only interest is squeezing out maximum profit at the expense of the millions of starving people in the world.

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