So much for global warming!


It was a simple physics experiment in my high school.

A tub of cold water was placed in the front of the class. A spigot attached to a warm water stream with a dye was opened up and added to the tub of cold water. The dyed, warm water could then be seen streaming into the cold water and the result was that the boundry layers were clearly visible.

The stream of warm water could be seen pouring into the tub of cold water, just as the Gulf Steam should be seen by satellite data today, separate and distinct, from the cold water of the tub. Look at the satellite image of the normal Gulf Stream. Like the Gulf Steam current should appear, the experiments stream is separate and distinct from the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Then, a small amount of motor oil was added to the tub, and the boundary layer disappeared completely. The tub of water and the dyed water became homogeonous and mixed. There was no boundary layers, no current from the spiggot of warm water, just dyed water through and through. Look at the picture of the normal Gulf Stream. Then, compare it to the satellite data of ocean temperatures in the Atlantic in real time.

It’s just like my High School physics experiment. The Gulf Stream Current has completely broken down. The warmer waters have mixed completely with the colder waters. There is no Gulf Stream current any more.

The temperate climate brought about by the Gulf Stream Current has been affected by the B.P. disaster in the same way as the physics experiment.

We’re in for an ice age that was foreshadowed in the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow”. The oil spill from the B.P. disaster has broken down the Gulf Loop Current and has destroyed the Gulf Stream Current which keeps the Northern Hemisphere warmer than it would be without it’s warming effects.

Prepare for a winter like no other winter we have ever had before.

Data borrowed from the site below:

Normal Gulf Steam Image…

Death of North Atlantic Current

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