Does International Law Have A Future?

[ If the last nine years have taught us anything

it’s that there is  – currently – no enforcement mechanism for International Law ]

Back on 23 August 2010 Israel’s most prestigious human rights organization,

B’Tselem released a short report on the condition of water supplies in the Gaza Strip.

Referencing the United Nations Environment Programme as well as the Palestine Water Authority,

B’Tselem reported that the Strip’s underground water system is in such bad repair that,

even if rehabilitation was begun immediately,

it would take 20 years for it to be restructured as a modern system.

This is compounded by the dilapidated state of the Gaza wastewater-system,

which is also antiquated.

As a result it is estimated that “40 per cent of the incidence of disease in Gaza is related to polluted drinking water”.

B’Tselem blames this shocking situation on the Israeli government.

“Since it began its siege on the Gaza Strip, in June 2007,

Israel has forbidden the entry of equipment and materials

needed to rehabilitate the water and wastewater-treatment systems there.”

The blockade of these materials remains in place to this day.

Finally, during its “Operation Cast Lead” invasion of the Gaza Strip,

Israel targeted the water networks,

treatment plants,


and even home water tanks.

Israel’s great power patron is the United States.

This arrangement entails American protection of the Zionist state

from the legal consequences that should result due to its purposeful harming of civilians.

The United States,

sitting as a permanent member of the UN Security Council has,

in recent years,

cast some 40 vetoes so as to shield its ally from accusations of violations of international law.

[ Israeli tanks at the Gaza strip border ]

Actually, this action by the United States is entirely logical.

Why so?

Because both the US and Israel are practising the exact same tactics against civilian populations.

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