Vast new Police Powers allow for warrantless spying for 3 days – hows that change feeling?



Guess, what’s back? Back again? The Search and Surveillance Bill is back – tell a fucking friend…
Bill retains end to right of silence
People being investigated by police over serious fraud-related offences or gang crimes will no longer have the right to remain silent, under a Government bill.

And refusing to give information on a gang murder or fraud-related extortion, could earn a jail sentence of up to one year.

The Search and Surveillance Bill was reported back to Parliament yesterday with significant changes, after an outcry over the sweeping powers it would have given to up to 70 Government agencies.

But Parliament’s justice and electoral committee has kept provisions overriding the right to silence, and giving police, Customs and Internal Affairs the right to break into homes to bug and secretly film suspects.

But the agencies can use these powers only if they are investigating offences punishable by prison terms of seven years or more, or for particular Arms Act offences.

…we’ve been following the attempt by the Police to vastly expand their powers on Tumeke from the very beginning of this poisonous attack on NZers civil rights.

The Government claim to have tightened up on the rules, but making warrants subject to ministerial approval doesn’t exclude any agency so these powers are open to the 70 other Government departments and it’s easy to add charges to an investigation to get to the the 7 year jail sentence threshold!

It also legalizes covert recording by one person so domestic spies are now allowed in NZ and the Police can now spy on anyone for 3 days with no warrant whatsoever!

NZ – you were scammed and played like little chumps over the manufactured crises at the Hobbit and if you allow this Government to ram these vicious attacks on our collective civil liberties under the banner of the Police ‘protecting us’, you will have been played once again – DO NOT LET THE STATE HAVE THESE POWERS – it’s not for your fucking safety you sheep, it’s their vast expansion of power they are protecting, not your rights.

This Search and Surveillance Bill is the largest erosion of our civil liberties this country will have ever passed and the amount of real debate in the media has been minuscule, it doesn’t matter of you are right wing, left wing, in the middle, white, brown, yellow or Green – this Bill is disgusting and impacts on every single one of us.

The Police CAN NOT be given this level of unchecked power, if you allow it happen NZ, you have no one to blame but yourself.


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