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The Mystery Of San Diego’s Vanishing Honey Bees

Imagine a world without apples, almonds and broccoli. It takes honey bees to pollinate most of our favorite fruits, nuts and vegetables. But the bees are mysteriously disappearing. Some commercial beekeepers in San Diego have already been affected by this phenomenon. KPBS Environment Reporter Ed Joyce tells us beekeepers are keeping a close eye on the research, some of it at UC San Diego.  – KPBSSanDiego | September 10, 2010

Honeybees, which are very important to agriculture, continue to disappear at alarming rates in the United States. And the cause of this disappearance is still elusive. While at least one recent study seems to point to pesticides as the problem, the US Agriculture Department has also found parasites causing general weakness among bee colonies. Producer Zulima Palacio spent some time with both scientists and beekeepers and brings us this story — narrated by Elizabeth Lee.  –  VOAvideo | July 22, 2010



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