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Restrepo ~ Documentary ~ The Fly On The Wall Of The War On South West Asia

Feature-length documentary about a platoon of American soldiers stationed in Korangal Valley in Afghanistan.*orFtlR5gyeaewgzIxGZNmWuZRU0RZkMGcmw9wQuQQNSCuW-k3q0usyjrkLYY5QDfviXznhDX5HsfoumRzEGKmchErNDb/Restrepo.png?width=721

The name “Restrepo”,

comes from the medical platoon,

all of which died during the war.

This place is one of the most dangerous jobs in the army of the United Zjedynoczonych.

The intention of the filmmakers,

was to present the experiences of soldiers involved in combat.

Interviews with diplomats and generals do not appear.

The camera never leaves the valley,

making the viewer a participant of the war in Afghanistan.


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