Noam Chomsky ~ The Charade Of Israeli – Palestinian Talks


“Washington’s pathetic capitulation to Israel while pleading for a meaningless three-month freeze on settlement expansion

– excluding Arab East Jerusalem

– should go down as one of the most humiliating moments in U.S. diplomatic history.”

In September the last settlement freeze ended,

leading the Palestinians to cease direct talks with Israel.

Now the Obama administration, desperate to lure Israel into a new freeze and thus revive the talks,

is grasping at invisible straws

– and lavishing gifts on a far-right Israeli government.

The gifts include $3 billion for fighter jets.

The largesse also happens to be another taxpayer grant to the U.S. arms industry,

which gains doubly from programs to expand the militarization of the Middle East.

U.S. arms manufacturers are subsidized not only to develop and produce advanced equipment

for a state that is virtually part of the U.S. military-intelligence establishment

but also to provide second-rate military equipment to the Gulf states

– currently a precedent-breaking $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia,

which is a transaction that also recycles petrodollars to an ailing U.S. economy.

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Tue Dec 7 , 2010