Star Wars : The Clone Wars ~ Staged Terror & Banking Control


This episode is virtually identical to what’s really going on.

Not really a surprise since George Lucas is extremely familiar with the world cycles of tyranny, freedom, dictators, evil, the dark side, oppression, police states and more.

It’s been said the further back in time you go, the further ahead you can see and the Star Wars world goes back tens of thousands of years, hence it’s ability to see into the future based on that as well.

This episode in particular is like a script taken from an Alex Jones broadcast with staged terrorist incidence designed to derail the peace accords, all set up by the banking clans in order to coerce the republic into purchasing more clones.

Prior to that the senate was forced to “Deregulate” the bank, as a result when the republic, which is nearly bankrupt from the war (all designed and set up by Chancellor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious) went to the bankers to find out what the interest would be, it went from their standard 10% up to a whopping 25% …

all because the banks were deregulated which was all part of the plot of course.

The episode also talks about how essential services such as heat, electric power and water have all been cut because of the expenses and the war,

but since the banker hold NO allegiance to the republic or Coruscant, they don’t care at all.

This is already happening in some parts of the country such as San Diego where the police told the people they will no longer be responding to various crimes due to budget cuts and other states are already talking about cutting back and eliminating essential services such as street lights, cleaning, garbage pick ups, etc.

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