By Katherine Smith (First published in Uncensored Issue 22, December 2010 – March 2011) Thermography offers women a breast screening technique that does not expose breast tissue to carcinogenic radiation, or uncomfortable (or downright painful) breast compression. For just these two reasons alone it is an attractive option for women […]


[Note how many have died of “strange” deaths…] As of 12.9.10 WHO KNEW TOO MUCH? LIST SO FAR Barry Jennings (Eyewitness to explosions and bodies inside WTC7) — Undisclosed causes Kenneth Johannemann (Eyewitness to explosions inside WTC, Saw no airplanes hit but just saw “floors blow up”) — Gunshot […]


Two of Glenn Beck’s fellow rodeo clowns ridicule “conspiracy theorists” on the air: For more information on how these robots are produced,   Charlotte Iserbyt has an e-book that is being offered as a free download: – – How Aspartame Became Legal  – The Timeline Sent to from Rich […]

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