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Israel & The U.S. ~ Suffering Under A Double Standard


Paul J. Balles views two shameful traits shared by the US and Israel
and represented in the views of Joseph A. Klein:
abhorring criticism
and diverting attention from their own faults when criticized

by levelling the same criticism at others.

“Arrogance diminishes wisdom” – Arabic proverb

Last month, Joseph A. Klein wrote an article for the Canada Free Press

criticizing the Obama administration for joining the UN Human Rights Council.

The council had met and found fault with a number of human rights violations by America.

For this, Klein verbally bashed the council.

Klein is author of the book Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom.

Having “studied the United Nations for many years” Klein says he

“watched it degenerate into an anti-Western echo chamber that does more harm than good.”


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