Wikileaks Is The “Cognitive Infiltration” Operation Demanded By Cass Sunstein

Awareness is growing around the world that the Wikileaks-Julian Assange theater of the absurd

is radically inauthentic

– a psyop.

[ Translated : A psychological operation.

Against you.  ]

Wikileaks and its impaired boss represent a classic form of limited hangout or self-exposure,

a kind of lurid striptease in which the front organization releases doctored and pre-selected materials

provided by the intelligence agency with the intent of harming,

not the CIA,

nor the UK,

nor the Israelis,

but rather such classic CIA enemies’ list figures as Putin,




Rodriguez de Kirchner,


[ … ever get the feeling you’re being cheat-ted ? ]

In Tunisia,

derogatory material about ex-President Ben Ali leaked by Wikileaks

has already brought a windfall for Langley in the form of the rare ouster of an entrenched Arab government.

Obama White House NSC Russia Director Michael McFaul Deploying IMF Shock Therapist Boris Nemtsov

as Wheelhorse of Feeble “Stop Putin in 2012″ Bid.

At Foggy Bottom

and Langley,

a manic fit has been building since the flight of Ben Ali.

[ Ex Tunisia ]

US imperialist planners now believe they can re-launch their shopworn model of the color revolution,

CIA people-power coup,

or postmodern putsch against a whole series of countries in the Arab world and far beyond,

including Italy.

The color revolutions had been looking tarnished lately,

as a result of the failure of the Twitter Revolution in Iran back in June 2009.

Previously, the Cedars Revolution of 2005 had failed in Lebanon.

The Orange Revolution in Ukraine had been rolled back

with the ouster of NATO-IMF kleptocrats Yushchenko and Timoshenko.

In Georgia, the Roses Revolution was increasingly discredited

by the repressive and warmongering regime of fascist madman Saakashvili.

US Seeks to Mobilize a New Generation of Young Nihilists Across the Globe

But now,



and CIA

believe that the color revolution has a new lease on life,

thanks to their estimate that the United States,

because of Wikileaks and Assange,

has captured the imagination of a new generation of young nihilists across the globe who are described as the post-9/11 generation,

estranged from governments and opposition parties,

and thus ready to follow Langley’s peroxide Pied Piper.

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