Fascism Checklist

Have you, or someone you love, been troubled by any of the following conditions?


Corruption and fraud within government?

Conspiracy, also known as secret plots?


Dumbing down of the populace through such means as chemicals harmful to the brain in the food, water, or vaccinations?

A poorly funded education system that doesn’t properly teach science and critical thinking?

Distractions such as popular culture, consumerism, organized religion, or professional sport?

Social engineering, which is the influencing of a society’s attitudes and behaviours on a large scale and over many years?


Travel restrictions?

Mass mind control?

Graduate debasement of currency until it has no intrinsic value?

False flag events used to generate support for unpopular things like wars of aggression?

Systematic removal of rights, such as the right to own weapons or the right to privacy?

Prohibition of specific substances, be they natural or man-made?

Corrupt media?

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Sat Jan 29 , 2011
Nurit Kedar’s film, Concrete, hears from Israeli soldiers who blame their military leaders for encouraging a “disproportionate” response to Hamas’s rockets. [ White phosphorus was used by Israel on Gazan neighbourhoods during operation Cast Lead  ] They claim their commanders used to “psych up” soldiers before an operation so they […]

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