The US Arms Industry & The People’s Revolt In Egypt


Paul J. Balles comments on the USA’s ambivalent line on the people’s revolution in Egypt.

He argues that although the administration has a growing fear

that a government hostile to Washington could gain control of Egypt,

“the unspoken fear is that American arms manufacturers will lose a reliable customer”.

“The military was greeted warmly on the streets of Cairo.

Crowds roared with approval as one soldier was carried through Tahrir Square today holding a flower in his hand,”

reports Democracy Now! senior producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous.

He speaks of “a great sense of pride that this is a leaderless movement organized by the people.

A genuine popular revolt.

It was not organized by opposition movements,

though they have now joined the protesters in Tahrir.”

According to Abdel Kouddous, “The Muslim Brotherhood was out in full force today.

At one point they began chanting “Allah Akbar”

only to be drowned out by much louder chants of “Muslim, Christian,

we are all Egyptian.”

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