Huff & Puff It Down : Huffington Post Sells To AOL



Socialite Arianna Huffington built a blog-empire on the backs of thousands of citizen journalists.
She exploited our idealism and let us labor under the illusion that the Huffington Post was different, independent and leftist.
Now she’s cashed in and three thousand indie bloggers find themselves working for a megacorp.

But the Huffington Post is not Arianna’s to sell.
It is ours: the lefty writers and readers, environmentalism activists and anti-corporate organizers
who flooded the site with 25 million visits a month.
So we’re going to take it back.

We’ll stop going to her site. And we’ll stop blogging for her too.
Then we’ll give birth to an alternative to AOL’s HuffPo by using the #huffpuff hash tag
to tell the world about our favorite counter-culture websites and indie blogs.

We are the ones who built the Huffington Post.
And now we will be the ones who will huff & puff it down.

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Here is a list of alternative media sources our readers have suggested via twitter and on our blog:

Tweet your HuffPo alternative with the #huffpuff tag or post your suggestion in the comments below.


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