How Israel Plans To Rule The World ~ Part 1 : The Plan

There are a number of major forces in the world today

but by far the most aggressive of them

is the force that lies behind the state of Israel,


And the force that lies,

in turn,

behind Zionism

is the international bankers and,

in particular, those bankers that form the Jewish clique

who are by far the biggest players within the banking circle.

They control the two most influential central banks in the world,

the Bank of England

and the Federal Reserve Bank of the US.

They also control the body that co-ordinates central banks throughout the world,

the Bank for International Settlements in Basle Switzerland.

Actually, these bankers are not principally bankers at all

but rather men, families, that are world dominionists.

They intend to rule the world

and they are well on their way after two hundred years of planning and manoeuvring.

Money from banking

[ i.e.  :  You Paying Interest On Debt ]

is their primary tool.

All their other power, influence and domination flow from this.

To tie these families together through the generations and ensuring continuity,

something stronger than ‘family ties’ is needed.

Something of a religious nature is needed :

something that offers reward beyond the grave for these worshippers of money and power;

these worshippers of Mammon.

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