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9/11 – First Nuclear Attack on US Soil

March 7, 2011


Pyroclastic flow at nuclear test site
Introduction by Nila Sagadevan

I began to think about this subject all over again when I read Susan Lindauer’s 9/11 forewarning in August 2001 (in the news yesterday) about micro-nukes at the WTC.

Coincidence? Take this for whatever it’s worth. It is not my intent to throw fuel onto yet another internal debate: the Thermite Vs Nuke imbroglio. That said, it has bothered me for years how it was that the pools of molten metal in the basements could have remained in a molten state for some two months purely as a result of a Thermite reaction. It’s simply not possible; this is more in accord with a self-sustaining nuclear reaction of some kind.

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