Japan Attacked with Kidnapped and Weaponized ‘Nature’?!


“Sleight-of-Mind misdirection (Babylon Magick) to distract mass consciousness and [to prevent] it from developing into a singularity where the Common Man’s consciousness merges into a powerful force which could be used to free himself from economic slavery.”
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The Japanese economy has now been effectively destroyed. With conveniently few fingerprints, “Mother Nature” is being made into the fall guy, or “patsy”. [Coined by the murdered “assassin”, Lee Harvey Oswald.]
The human economy is under attack. Some thing rationally “sees” humanity as the enemy, and is profiting from a war against it. What, who, and why?
Power as debt. Debt as slavery. Disaster as Power. Capital. Capital used by Global Plutocracy. Virulent Hierarchy.
1/11 Japanese nuclear plants are in a state of emergency. The other 10 are shut down. Energy is in crisis. Farmlands in the east have been washed away. Food is in crisis.
Fires, shaking, flooding, foodlessness, homelessness, and powerlessness have created indebted slaves.
Even after turning the economy over to globalist oligarchs, groups like Toyota and Honda broke rank, and attempted to fight those who own the world’s mono-energy source, oil, with hydrogen-powered vehicles, electromagnetic power, fusion energy, and fuel cell technologies. The faked braking problems attack upon Toyota were survived at great expense but the fight continued. Toyota was absolved but will never get their reputation back. More US-made cars were recalled during its survival fight than Toyotas. The real crap-producers made money after stealing funds from the American treasury who had to borrow it from the globalist plutocrats. The plasma/microwave weapon at HARRP was used to show everyone but the blinded, deluded, ostriched, or agentified just who’s in charge of the world.
Haiti and Chile were test run demonstrations to others….
Sadly, most everyone — organized in the nation-state form — will cave after seeing such devastion. Bombing HAARP is not the answer, as we’d waste technology that could be used to gently allow the natural Earth expansions and to fend off solar system crises.
The activity monitoring of HAARP and the colored sky formations before all three quakes are the smoking gun. The money trail and the falling rate of profit are the motive.
Will the US resist? Will the New Madrid fault or Yellowstone caldera be weaponized as punishment?
Until the deer moves out of the headlights, they’ll just stay tuned to HAARP radio for very realistic global enslavement….
Unhidden HAARP Magnetometer Readings for March 10-11, 2011https://
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Large Earthquake in China (2:50; March 10, 2011)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2Q_pPTv9iM&feature=feedf


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