Mounting Evidence Of CIA Ties To Libyan rebels


Numerous press reports over the weekend add to the evidence that the Libyan rebels fighting the regime of Muammar Gaddafi

are under the direction of American intelligence agencies.

Despite the repeated claims by Obama administration officials that the rebels are a largely unknown quantity,

it is becoming increasingly clear that key military leaders of the anti-Gaddafi campaign

are well known to the US government and have longstanding relations with the CIA.

For better than two weeks there had been a virtual ban in the US media on reporting the name of Khalifa Haftar,

the long-time CIA collaborator who was appointed chief rebel commander March 17,

on the eve of the US-NATO bombing campaign against Libya.

Only the regional McClatchy Newspapers chain reported Haftar’s appointment,

and ABC News ran a brief interview with him on March 27.

Otherwise, silence prevailed.

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