Israel Targeting Ambulances, Women & Children In Gaza


19 Palestinians were killed and more than 60 wounded in what can best be described as a series of targeted attacks


The assault was less destructive than 2008-2009 Cast lead operation,

but more aggressive than the Israeli forces’ minor- yet frequent- raids on the outskirts of Gaza.

These images are what ministry has called “clear Israeli violations of international humanitarian law, during Israel’s latest assault”.

The images depict direct and indiscriminate targeting of the civilian population and infrastructure.

Pictures of children killed or wounded; elderly victims killed during the attacks, medical personnel injured, corpses charred beyond recognition, homes turned to rubble, and families mourning their dead.

Ambulances and medical facilities are the regular targets of Israeli attacks, as are medical personnel.

Clad in fluorescent orange vests they are clearly identifiable as medical teams, and hard to miss as targets.

As seen in the footage, two were injured during the 3-day attack.

Chief among Israel’s questionable military actions is its disproportionate use of force against civilians.

According to local sources, most of those who were injured were children, under the age of 15.

Many elderly, men and women, not fast enough to escape, were also wounded in the strikes.

For decades, the Gaza Strip has been a conflict zone

and the basic laws that govern armed conflict are common knowledge among Gazans.

One thing these people say they are sure of; they cannot recall a time when these laws were implemented:

Amnesty international, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations and countless other international organizations

have in the past recognized and condemned Israel’s excessive and reckless use of force

against the besieged people of Gaza Strip.

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Wed Apr 13 , 2011
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