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Project Cloverleaf – Chemtrails 2009

The date of this post has special significance for me because it was during the

29th – 30th of April 1994, that I witnessed the beginning of what later came to be

known as “Project Cloverleaf”  in operation over New England and in particular

the skies over Central Maine.

In the early years of the aerosol operations, the jets were flying at a much higher

altitude than they are today. I later thought that this may have been done to acclimate

the public to the activity overhead. As time went by, the planes began spraying at

progressively lower altitudes. Very few people seemed to notice what was happening.

From the beginning, I watched the planes with binoculars and took photos of their activity.

Since the 1st Gulf War was supposed to be over, I thought it was rather strange

to see so many aircraft suddenly appear, flying back and forth in the sky:

obviously doing something.

What were they doing?


| January 17 | Project Cloverleaf | exposethenwo2012 |


| February 11 | Contrail Jet overseeing the Spray Operations of a Chemtrail Jet |



| February 15 | Operation red sky and operation clover leaf | TheRealTruthHunter |

Responding to those who posted messages on YouTube saying that what we see

in videos like the ones presented here are “just normal jet contrails”

HiPointMan said:

“…you’re right they are from planes, but they are not CON TRAILS from planes

they are CHEMTRAILS from planes.


it’s not hard to understand why they are chemtrailing us with chemicals.

It’s called EUGENICS.


Wake up you sheeple.


and has been happening since [the] 1940s and again in the 1990s.



Whiterhin018 added these observations:

“It’s more about maintaining an electromagnetically charged atmosphere

by which HAARPs antennae array can transmit its energy through & carry over

large distances where the weather can be manipulated to cause droughts, floods,

create 3d holograms for project bluebeam, scalar weaponry/particle weaponry

& to deflect missiles with tesla shields.

This is maintained through chemtrailing or having a constantly metal rich

electroconductive atmosphere.



| May 7 | Chemtrails in Poland | misiu1977pl |


| June 10 | On Off aerosol at 6000 feet – Filmed in Turin by Niko | tankerenemy |


| July 16 | Commercial Plane Coming Close to Chemtrail Planes | baboonsquadron |

“The commercial pilots who filmed these Sky Spiders weaving their chemical and

biological agent filled webs of death will be the first to tell you these are not normal

flight procedures from normal planes with normal condensation vapor trails!”


| October 26 |


Here’s a photo montage of the first “Outreach at the Beach”

Three Los Angeles-area Grassroots-Activist groups

(Organized by Chemtrail Documentary Filmmaker, Michael J. Murphy)

united to promote Chemtrail and Geoengineering Awareness

for an afternoon at Venice Beach on Saturday, April 9, 2011.

Participating Groups:

Los Angeles Chemtrails Meetup

We Are Change L.A.

Los Angeles Skywatch



4 comments on “Project Cloverleaf – Chemtrails 2009

  1. 12/31/93 says:

    Looks like they’re one step closer to admitting that “Geoengineering” is already going on, or can “come to the rescue” at times like these.

    Problem – Reaction – Solution

    California tries cloud seeding, overlooks geoengineers causing record drought:

  2. 12/31/93 says:

    Obama to propose $1 billion to prepare for the effects of “geoengineering”
    which, of course, they deny and coverup using more deceptive terminology like “climate change.”

  3. 12/31/93 says:

    The following link contains interesting commentary and an excellent collection of chemtrail photos.
    Especially helpful for those that just recently found out about the ongoing aerosol bombardment
    and would like to do further research

    uploaded 3-8-2014
    Please consider sharing.
    Far beyond chemtrails, this discussion goes into U.S. foreign policy and is quite good.

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