Shell Oil On Irish Soil ~ A Glimpse Of New Zealand’s Future ?


Shell Oil in County Mayo, Ireland.

For over 9 years local people of Erris have had the ugly face of Shell Oil on their doorstep and have remained strong in their refusal to allow a raw gas pipeline to be laid through their lands.

This short film from 2008 show locals working with international environmental activists and the importance of this battle:
All the while since then the people continue to be harrassed, threatened, verbally & physically assaulted, arrested, taken to court, and imprisoned for attempt to keep their livelihoods of fishing and farming on ancestral lands.

Local Gardai have been used as private security, council have turned blind eyes to locals concerns and even the Irish Government openly allow this company to flaunt national and international laws.

2009 – Shell, trailing its appaling human rights and environmental record behind itself like an engorged tapeworm,
has declared intent to move forward with its ill thought plans.

This time hiring ex-military and mercenaries for security …

Just a short ferry ride from the UK, its time to escape the intelligence crunch and get on over to Mayo to sample Irish Springtime – an action packed adventure for all the family!

Overview of the Corrib Gas Project

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