Encircling Russia With US Bases

In 1991,after the Soviet Union dissolved,

everything changed

but stayed the same.


As a result,

today’s stakes are far greater,

presenting much larger threats to world peace.

In America,

neocons are still dominant.

Obama is more belligerent than Bush,

waging four wars and various proxy ones.



The Israeli Lobby, Christian Right, and other extremist elements drive them.

Conflict is preferred over diplomacy.

Congressional majorities support Washington’s imperial agenda,

including global militarization against potential challengers and America’s main rivals – China and Russia,

encircling them belligerently with bases and strategic weapons.

It’s a policy fraught with danger.

NATO has 28 member states, including 10 former Soviet Republics and Warsaw Pact countries.

Prospective new candidates include Georgia, Ukraine, and potentially others later to more tightly encircle Russia and China.

At the same time,

the Middle East and parts of Eurasia have been increasingly militarized with a network of US bases from Qatar to Iraq,




and beyond

– a clear breach of GHW Bush’s promise to Mikhail Gorbachev

that paved the way for unifying Germany in 1990 and dissolving the Soviet Union.

Washington’s promises,

of course,


aren’t worth the paper they’re written on,

a hard lesson many nations later learn painfully.

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