Irish ‘Freedom Flotilla’ Ship Damaged In Port ~ U.S. ‘Freedom Flotilla’ Ship – Detained By Greek Coast Guard



THE IRISH SHIP that was intended to sail to Gaza as part of a ‘freedom flotilla’

has been damaged while docked in a Greek port.

The MV Saoirse had been preparing to meet up with an Italian ship today and sail to Gaza.

However, the Irish Ship to Gaza group said that it had been discovered that the MV Saoirse

had suffered “extensive” damage in Pireaus port.

The group is claiming that it is an act of sabotage

and former Fianna Fail TD Chris Andrews said that the damage to a propeller

meant that the boat cannot sail

and that it would have most likely led to the boat sinking had it been in the open sea.

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Gaza-Bound Boat : Greek Commandos Forced Us Back

Heavily armed Greek troops force Gaza-bound boat to turn back, US activists say;

‘They arrived with machine guns, it was scary,’ American-Israeli on board vessel tells Ynet.

Activists slam Greece for doing Israel’s ‘dirty work’

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