The Tentacles of Megas : Who Controls Who With What



The mega billionaires of the mega corporations directly influence

and control the mega public servants

– think from presidents down to presidents’ appointees.

Some aptly refer to these ‘megas’ collectively as the shadow government.

The mega billionaires of the mega corporations set up mega foundations to channel,


and control

grassroots dissent and activism

in order to shield and protect their mega interests.

The little watchdogs turned lapdogs and activists turned puppets run the nitty gritty errands,

and do their dirty work under the pretense of activism and watchdog-ism for their mega masters

while they dream of becoming mega NGOs.

If we get past the illusions,

all that pretense,

and the entire smoke and mirrors settings,

we see a mega country ruled and run by these mega elites and their errand boys making mega profits

and with every passing day becoming even more mega.

But that is a big ‘if.’

Because the mega tentacles of these megas have also wrapped themselves tightly around educational channels and media outlets

– coercing them into producing mega lies and more illusions.

Have you had enough mega?

I have.


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