“Norway was prepared to vote for Palestinian statehood in the UN General Assembly and this Mossad terrorist attack was symbolic. The negotiations that led to the international agreement on a future Palestinian state are known as the “Oslo Accords.” – Investigative journalist and former U.S. Navy Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen.

Also, check out this post at Washington’s Blog: Terrorist Bomb Attack in Oslo, Norway … Who Dunnit? An excerpt:
Norway is an odd choice as a Muslim terror target: 

  • Norway has endorsed Palestinian statehood. See thisthis andthis
  • Norway has excluded Isareli investments. As Haaertz reportedlast year:


Norway’s 450 billion euro oil-riches fund has excluded two Israeli firms involved in developing settlements … on ethical grounds, Norway’s finance ministry said on Monday.


  • Indeed, Senator Lieberman has accused Norway of promotinganti-semitism
  • Norway has also announced its plan to withdraw from the Libyan war

This is hardly the profile of a normal Muslim terrorist target. Therefore, many are alleging that it is another false flag terror attack.


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