Debt-Ceiling Chicken & The End Of Empire

The greatest nation in the world is unable to address its greatest challenges.

And that’s the real tragedy of the faux catastrophe in Washington.

You can’t help but be depressed by the game of debt-ceiling chicken being played in Washington.

The greatest nation in the world is paralyzed

by something that used to be a meaningless ritual.

The nation’s credit rating is at risk.

Barack Obama – the man who became president

because he promised to build bridges and restore America’s hopes and dreams

– looks helpless.

In a burst of rhetorical excess,

all sides are threatening disaster,


and Armageddon.


Let’s just hope they don’t drag us all down with them.


I used to think America would solve its problems,

after all else failed.

Now I’m not so sure.

The political class is looking more dysfunctional than ever.

This is a manufactured crisis

in which hardly anyone can understand

or explain

the ins and outs.


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