Historic Convoy of No Confidence To Descend On Canberra


The always-brilliant Jo Nova explains it far better than I ever could:
Something beautiful is unfolding. From all over Australia, people whose businesses and jobs are being driven into the ground by spectacular government mismanagement are gathering to drive from the corners of the continent to converge on Canberra to demand an election.

The productive class may not have easy rent-a-crowds for rallies and chirpy letter campaigns, but they have something that the keen teens do not — they have capital assets — in this case, assets that move. When it’s obvious money and choices are being poured down a bottomless well, people are prepared to go that extra mile, or in this case the extra 4,000.

It started with Mick Pattel –  a livestock transporter from North West Queensland — who suffered a 50 percent drop in business when the Federal Government banned live exports to Indonesia. According to Beef Central he declared that the time has come for a re-election. The owner/driver from Richmond, who also serves as president of the National Road Freighters Association, started planning a protest convoy to drive from northern Australia to the lawns of Parliament House in August.

“He hopes to generate enough support and media attention via the “vote of no confidence” convoy to convince the Governor General to dissolve the parliament or to convince Julia Gillard to go back to the polls.” …

Organisers appear to have been astounded by the demand and with so many cars and trucks wanting to join up they are changing plans, adding convoys, and even splitting some convoys to cover different routes. Some people are travelling out to the far reaches so they can join the convoys from the start.

To join in this convoy is obviously a great committment, and we do not expect everyone to be able to make it (although if you can, click here for details!) But maybe even if you can’t join in, you can help spread the word. You can tell your family, tell your friends, or maybe even help send a message to the media. Click here for a full list of ways you can help pass on the message.

This is a great opportunity, and we hope you will be able to take part in any way you can! If you want any further information, or have any questions, please visit the Just Grounds website.

Thank you, as always, for your support.
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Timothy Andrews
Managing Editor
Menzies House

PS: On an unrelated matter, OzVotersOnline are organising the largest and most comprehensive online opinion poll on where Australians stand on the carbon tax, and have asked me to pass onto you that if you havn’t done so already, you can vote here and help ensure the far-left don’t hijack the vote.

PPS: Please forward this email to your family and friends by clicking this link.


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