United State military facism terrorizes the world today – Time for an end to this cooked, crazy, inhumane “civilization”

The world we live in is so tainted with corruption and greed, so twisted by lies and so infused with mistrust, violence, cheating and oppression that people who occasionally take the trouble to notice this ubiquitous evil get to ignore it as normal. Many who have suffered under all this unfairness and oppression respond in like manner as a survival strategy. Not surprisingly, all the generations before us have done the same. Wikileaks has been instrumental in confirming what many suspected – the double-talk, double-standards, mistrust and trickery in the international politics of our “civilization”.

For countless centuries and even millennia people have articulated various philosophies and schemes for ridding the world of tyranny and suffering but none have succeeded so far. In fact in this day and age even the concept of trying to rid the world of evil seems ludicrously idealistic, even crazy.  Some 21st century politicians and academics talk as if science and technology is now on the brink of a breakthrough and that we are living at the dawn of a glorious new technocratic age of perfection. That delusion of grandeur and optimism may win research grants and votes but in reality it’s simply political spin that has been around since the French revolution. We heard it all again during the communist revolutions and during the era of Nazi fascism. The allies during the world war recruited soldiers with the promise that it would be the “war to end all wars.” But none of these would-be saviours were able to deliver on promises. United State military facism terrorizes the world today like the old Nazi facism. The evil of man’s inhumanity to man is so deeply entrenched in human existence that it now seems like an essential part of his genetic make-up for long term survival.

Consider the disappointing failure of –

the coordinated efforts of colossal institutions and international organizations

spending trillions of dollars for over a half century,

employing some of the most passionate PhD graduates and researchers.

carrying out numerous experiments and programs in social engineering,

in the best traditions of modern science and technology,

and global intervention through education, sponsorship of birth control, war against poverty, etc, etc.

ALL this and it becomes absolutely clear that we are making no progress. What a sad but sobering conclusion!!! Just a quick scan, reviewing the present state of the world through the hundreds of commentaries and articles in the alternative media, like the Centre for Research on Globalization, is enough to depress any keen idealistic student of journalism. We acknowledge how communism has failed; fascism, imperialism, socialism, religion, nepotism, even democracy and capitalism has failed to create a world of peace, prosperity, justice, security and health for all; yet we seem incapable of learning from the past, with nothing new to offer. The world is crooked and dismal enough but what makes it even sadder is that the secretive global elite who orchestrate and profit from man’s inhumanity to man, would sneer and scoff at an article like this. They see anyone who criticises their system and calls evil “EVIL” as a nutcase or a traitor – Julian Assange. It’s good to know we will not have to put up with their control system for much longer.

So what are we going to do about this? Take another look at all the commentaries and articles in the alternative media. Every one of them has outlined and elaborated on some of the elements or facets of the problem and nearly all of them agree that an alternative is needed in the way we do our business, politics and science. We know who the niggers in the woodpile are but few if any journalists or politicians give us a hint of any new and better program of actions, principles and plans than what’s been tried and tested before and failed. We’re still going round in circles, fighting losing battles and if we continue trying the same ineffective philosophies and schemes as our ancestors then our grandchildren will be in the same sorry situation that we find ourselves or probably worse. The constitution of the United States appears to have been a great idea for progress but it was somehow just not enough – evil still persists like a cancer in the USA and everywhere, apparently knitted into the modern genetic make-up as an essential part, so a more credible and powerful program and plan of action is needed.

Incredible though it may sound, a more credible, more powerful philosophy and plan of action was once published and almost succeeded in ushering in a glorious new age. The time is ripe, in fact more ripe than ever before, for unveiling and publishing the new but old plan of action. But before that we need to start a radical re-evaluation of what’s important in life. As participants in this present control system we have been so conditioned to accept this way of life as normal that we we can’t think outside the square we live in and unknowingly remain valuable supporters of “the system”.  We need to question the conditioning and priorities set by society’s controllers and undergo a total renewing of our brain-washed minds. Only then will we be ready for change. Only then will we be able to see the way clear to help transform this control system, this rotten old world into the glorious new world that is waiting for those who believe in and long for a better life.

Some are quite happy with this world with its crooked schemes, its justified violence and crazy priorities. Others complain but don’t know that a better world is possible. That doesn’t prevent us from starting the process of transformation in ourselves. Nor can ignorance and complacency stop our process of transformation from continuing and gaining momentum as it extends to others around the world. We must make a conscious choice against this present evil system and for the new world that is coming. Remaining neutral is not an option.

by M J Molyneaux


Engineer and psychologist

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