Guyon takes TVNZ back 60 years with Mana communism insult


John Minto’s performance on Q+A on Sunday was almost as brilliant as Cunliffe’s performance, his measured critique of the inequality in NZ would have disappointed those on the right (Don Brash, Mathew Hooten, Whaleoil and Farrar) desperate to paint Mana out as extremists but one question at the end made Guyon sound as defunct as the stale air in the corridors of a brain dead TV, the almost farcical, ‘are you a member of the communist party’ sytled question was an insult to our collective intelligence, ‘isn’t this communism’ by Guyon is something I’d expect from an ACT party undergrad, not TVNZ’s political editor.

I don’t remember Guyon asking Don Brash if ACT was a racist fascist party last time he interviewed him.

How on earth can a damning critique of free market capitalism at a time when the global economy is in crash mode because of that very same free market capitalism suddenly get belittled by being called ‘communist’?

Seeing as this is the very same TVNZ political reporter who called the Te Tai Tokerau byelction for Kelvin Davis and was out by over 9% when Hone won, I think Guyon is sounding as out of touch with the electorate of poverty that Mana represent as every other elite in the country.

What the mainstream media miss is that the sense of class has evolved in NZ into the concept of whanau, that is why Guyon can not comprehend the possibilities Mana presents for a progressive NZ.


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