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Urgent call to Action (Meeting AK Sep1): Food Bill 160-2 (2010) Government Bill


What can we do? Well, there is plenty we can do to deal with this attack on these, our fundamental rights to sustenance. And while there is very narrow provision within the law to opt out of this proposed law being enforced upon individuals this simply is not enough, it must be stopped! This is a call out to everyone to get ready to take action.

Blackheart Infoshop 543 Karangahape Rd (K rd), Newton, Auckland, will be hosting a meeting at 6:30pm this Thursday September 1st inside the infoshop. Anyone interested is welcome to come along.

The rough schedule for the meeting includes: A brainstorming session on ideas for actions we can take to oppose the Bill, networking with other interested groups and individuals, discussing the bills impact and its implications.

We wholeheartedly encourage everyone with the means to communicate to call a community meeting or get together with friends to discuss what you are willing to do to protect our food from their greed. Remember, the more of us that stand together, the harder we are to ignore or push around.We must take action!

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