Carbon isn’t the problem. It’s a diversion from the real polluters!

He made millions which should be taken from him.

Read what NASA’s chief solar scientist, Dr David Hathaway, has to say about much colder weather for the next 19 years..

This turns global warming upside down, …. this was written in 2009, and since then we have had more exceptionally cold winters..

With all this evidence around, plus with the last 4 years being some of the coldest, if not in a century but decades, how can anyone believe in global warming. We all know that there is climate change, that has been going on since the beginning of time, after all the Vikings could plant crops and fruit trees in Greenland, then the cold came and they had to leave or die. Vikings established colonies in Greenland at the beginning of the second millennium, but they died out several hundred years later when the climate turned colder,’ In 1981 researchers removed a long tube of ice from the center of a glacier in southern Greenland at a site known as Dye 3. More than a mile (two kilometers) long, the deep end of the core sample had been crushed by the pressure of the ice above it and sullied by contact with rock and soil. By destroying the pattern of annual layers, this contamination seemingly made it impossible to assess the region’s ancient climate. But DNA extracted from the previously ignored dirty bottom has revealed that Greenland was not only green, it boasted boreal forests like those found in Canada and Scandinavia today.

Biologist Eske Willerslev of the University of Copenhagen and an international team of colleagues discovered DNA from alder, spruce, pine and yew trees at the glacier’s base as well as insects ranging from butterflies to spiders.

2009.. Over the next 19 years we are perhaps in for some of the coldest weathers that we have had since 1792.
NASA’s chief solar scientist, Dr David Hathaway, was recently quoted as saying, “with respect to the coming two solar cycles, that, “something like the Dalton Minimum — two solar cycles in the early 1800s that peaked at
about an average of 50 sunspots — lies in the realm of the possible.”

Ocean heat content and atmospheric temperature both started declining after the peak in solar proton flare and geomagnetic activity in 2003. This established cooling trend is expected to accelerate. The current cooling has
already has an effect on agricultural production, with the 2009 Canadian wheat crop down 20% due to a cold spring.

Introduction of an Australian emissions trading scheme based upon a presumption of dangerous global warming just as Earth enters a likely twenty year period of cooling is a misguided, and potentially disastrous, climate
policy choice to make. If this is some of the coldest years since 1792, and the possibility of growing productive areas being covered with snow, how are we preparing for food for this time..

Then there is this one…
About | Solar Cycle 25

David Hatherway Solar Cycle 24 Sunspot Forecast IS Making Solar Cycle 25
Even Worse! | Climate Realists

Another climate wild card: solar cycle 24, perhaps causing food riots during
the next decade « Fabius Maximus

New Solar Cycle Prediction – NASA Science

In the scam all this about global warming, this above is what we are not told about our weather and how it gets to where it is and its cycles…
Unlike the global warmest they do not tell us that what they say is definite, and unlike those who are adamant about global warmest they know that there are variables..
What fools All Gore and co and the governments will look to the public within a very few short years, but it does not matter they will never give back the money that they have made on this scam.. they and their off spring will be rich forever on the backs of those that they have skimmed it off, so why should they care what we think of them as we are the actual fools for believing them…
The correlation between solar activity and climate was first noticed in ancient Greece in 400 BC (Hoyt and Schatten, 1997).
The demonstrated relationship between solar cycle length and temperature for the mid-latitudes of the North American continent will result in a temperature that averages at least 2.2°C colder over Solar Cycle 24 than
what it was over Solar Cycle 23.
This will have the effect of shifting climatic zones 300 km towards the equator and reducing agricultural productivity. If Solar Cycles 24 and 25 both have low amplitudes, a climatic period similar to the Dalton Minimum
would ensue. The Dalton Minimum, from 1798 to 1822, was a period of cool climate caused by the low amplitudes of Solar Cycles 5 and 6.


Am I worried about carbon induced global warming? The answer is no and yes. No because there has been no sign of global warming in New Zealand since 1955, this year snow has fallen in Portugal for the first time in 52 years and 3 US states are united by the fact that they have recorded their lowest temperatures ever. Yes because it has become a political football that has
lost its foundations in real science.

What especially worries me is that if anyone dares to question the dogma of the global warming doomsters who repeatedly tell us that C not only stands for carbon but for climate catastrophe, we are immediately vilified as
heretics or worse as deniers.

I am quite happy to be branded a heretic because throughout history heretics have stood up against dogma based on bigotry.

I don’t like being called a denier because deniers don’t believe in facts. There are no facts linking the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide with imminent catastrophic global warming there are only predictions based
on complex computer models.

Name calling may be acceptable in political circles but it has no place in the language of science, indeed what is happening in the annals of global warming smacks of Macarthyism complete with witch hunts.

Robust science is carried out in a robust way through reasoned argument based on well researched data and although it may dent the ego of the loser it does not smear the name of science.

I offer two simple data sets that are already in the public domain.

The most reliable global, regional and local temperature records from around the world display no distinguishable trend up or down over the past century.

The last peak temperatures were around 1940 and 1998, with troughs of low temperature around 1910 and 1970.

The second dip caused pop science and the media to cry wolf about a catastrophic ice age just around the corner. Our end was nigh! As soon as the temperatures took an upward turn in the 1980’s the scaremongers changed
their tune switching their dogma to imminent catastrophic scenarios of global warming all based on computer models some that were proved to be as bent as the hockey stick which no longer features in IPCC’s armoury.

I used to discuss climate change with my undergraduates and point out that there was much good scientific evidence that the latest of a string of ice ages had affected the climate and sea levels around the world. Thank
goodness it began to come to an end a mere 18,000 to 20,000 years ago The Romans grew grapes in York and during the world wide medieval warm period when civilization blossomed across the world, Nordic settlers farmed lowland Greenland (hence its name) and then got wiped out by the Little Ice Age that only started to wane around 1850).

Back to the data, how can a sixty-year cycle of changing temperature give any credibility to claims that carbon dioxide is causing an inexorable march towards a climate Armageddon.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen throughout this time frame, yet the temperature has gone up and down in a cyclical manner. How can this be explained unless there are other factors in control
overriding the effect of this greenhouse gas? There are of course many to be found in peer reviewed literature, solar cycles, cosmic ray cloud control and those little rascals El Ninos and La Ninas all of which are played down
or even ignored by the global warming brigade. As are the positive aspects of carbon dioxide in the growth of plants.

Add to that the fact that since 1998 the world’s average temperature has shown a tendency to fall not rise. This fact the warmers play down by arguing that you need a 10 year period, or better still a 30 year period to register a convincing change. Well 2008 is just around the corner and sadly another 20 years on the next natural cycle will have done its best or worse vindicating carbon dioxide as the villain of the piece.

Turning to Al Gore’s doom and gloom laden Oscar, I will pose but two questions. Why scare the families of the world with tales that polar bears are heading for extinction when there is good evidence that there are now
twice as many of these iconic animals, most doing well in the Arctic than there were 20 years ago? Why cry wolf on a rise in the spread of malaria thanks to rising temperatures when this mosquito borne disease was a main killer of people throughout the Little Ice Age in Britain and northern Russia?

To date it has cost the world around $ US 50 billion to spread global warming doom and gloom. However now thanks to questions asked by we the sceptics The New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric
Research’s Dr Jim Renwick has spilt the beans that “Climate prediction is hard, half of the variability in the climate system is not predictable, so we don’t expect to do terrifically well.” Later on New Zealand radio, Dr Renwick said: ” The weather is not predictable beyond a week or two.” The spin of a coin starts a rugby match the spin on 50 million greenbacks surely deserves an unbiased referee.

New Zealand leads the world in the eradication of feral plants and animals making restoration of the natural ecosystems that kept the biosphere in balance long before the IPCC was invented. Habitat destruction and the loss
of biodiversity is one of the greatest threats to climate and landscape stability. I beg your government to continue to lead the world in this sustainable endeavour.

In the words of a great mathematician and satirist Tom Lehrer, “Don’t be scared be prepared”.

David Bellamy June 2007

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