Will The U.S. Veto A Palestinian State ?

This week at the UN

– if the U.S. push to disable the process does not succeed

– a vote will be taken on Palestinian statehood.


The U.S. has already stated that it will veto any vote that supports Palestinian statehood.

So why take the vote if that is the end result?

A recent global poll indicated that by a two to one margin, the people of the world,

of all of earth,

all of humanity,

support the idea of a Palestinian state.

That is probably about the same as the General Assembly vote will be as the U.S. and its sycophantic allies

will argue that the best way to proceed is through negotiations.

The Euro community and the NATO community will probably vote against a Palestinian state,

which would be no surprise as they have already demonstrated their moral bankruptcy in the former Yugoslavia,



and most recently in Libya …

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