Suppressing The Truth …


“There are some scandals that refuse to die either because they are never fully investigated

or because those responsible for them never paid the price they should have”

– Gideon Levy.

ISSUES that should concern everyone,

but especially in America have been subverted, degraded, perverted, retracted, eradicated, expunged, obscured, obliterated, squashed

or (simply) zapped!

Cover-ups have kept them under wraps for all but those whose concern for the truth provokes them to do serious research,

primarily on the Internet.

The mainline media rarely touch these topics and when they are discussed in the alternative media,

the discussions are limited to a few who have been following the issues closely.

Obscured issues that deserve more than a passing interest include:

The USS Liberty cover-up

Israel’s nuclear programme


9/11 truth-seekers’ discoveries


Big business corruption

Bush administration crimes

Plight of the Palestinians

Murder by un-manned drones

Un-manned drones provide the one issue receiving major media coverage, because Anwar Awlaki,

assassinated in Yemen,

was an American citizen.

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