John Key Lies


Two years ago, if you believed the Key Government,

the biggest problem facing Bill’s First Budget was whether or not he could somehow forestall a credit downgrade.

Government cheerleaders cheered when our hero pulled it off.

Not so much today.

Those cheerleaders are resolutely silent.

And the talk elsewhere now is not about last week’s downgrade

due in part to “increased spending by the government”—

but about John Key’s lies about it.

About the lie he told parliament after last weeks’ downgrade

that an even bigger downgrade would have happened under a Labour Government

—and he knew this (he says) because Standard and Poors told him.

Bullshit, says Standard and Poors. They aren’t now,

never have been

and never will be so partisan

—and, frankly, any former manager of Merrill Lynch knows that as a fact you can take to the bank,

whatever he now says he heard second-hand from whichever ill-tamed unnamed source.

He lied.

Perhaps to take attention from the downgrade itself.

But he lied.

He can’t help himself.

It just comes naturally.

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