The timing cannot be missed … [youtube]z6ONEm8NPbo[/youtube] Barry’s Al-Shabaab campaign is a real bonus for his home country of Kenya, Somalians beg for invasion … both on the border of Uganda. The timing is impossibly coincidental since Barry has been pushing it for over a year and it happens the […]

George Bush smuggled cocaine, ran terrorist operations, overthrew democratically elected governments, and sold stinger missiles through Israel to enemy Iran [youtube]OVaRuqbL6vA[/youtube] … then got caught, then lied, then became president! Then pardoned the people that did it with him, then got caught covering up his diary. George HW Bush should […]


  Imagine Britain had been invaded and occupied by armed forces from another region of the world with China, for example, as a significant ‘partner’ in the ‘coalition’. Imagine tens of thousands of Britons had been killed, and millions had fled as refugees. This is how the Chinese state broadcaster […]

The secrecy that shrouds the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations just got even more outrageous, said Professor Jane Kelsey, who monitors the negotiations. The parties have apparently agreed that all documents except the final text will be kept secret for four years after the agreement comes into force or the negotiations collapse. This reverses the trend […]

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