Watched this again today & -yes- the only thing wrong with it was that someone changed the ending. The original book took it’s cues from ‘The Outer Limits’ episode where a man fools the planet into world peace by fakeing an invasion from outer space. The people of the world […]


This is completely out of control. [youtube]9eOmKyS7Wik[/youtube] Raw Story When thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters marched north to Times Square on Saturday, the New York Police Department was quick to respond with barricades, horses, and arrests. Ryan Devereaux, a reporter with Democracy Now! who accompanied the march, described the police deployment […]


  Again, former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, addresses the decline of American power, real power. Though America’s military advantage is at an unprecedented level, real American influence around the world has almost disappeared. Brzezinski describes our fall from power as “abdication.”   Read the rest with video here