Dunedin, New Zealand ~ Protesters Won’t Be ‘Bought Off By One Loo’

Like the Christchurch Press editorial did last week

– and like some of the commentors do after the (linked) article below

– the article below is also missing the point re ‘why we camp’.

As NZ Truth so eloquently put it recently :

“They do not understand the banking system,

fractional reserves,

currency vs money

and are not interested in understanding.”

Anyway here it is :

The Dunedin City Council has left “the ball” in the hands of protesters in the Octagon,

following a peaceful meeting last night to discuss the length of their occupation.

Dunedin City Council chief executive Paul Orders and Mayor Dave Cull spoke to about 100 protesters in the Octagon,

and asked them to decide among themselves,

how long they intended to stay.

They were also invited to attend the council public forum tomorrow

to air their views on capitalism.

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