Terrorists Fight Terrorism : America, Israel & The ‘Terrorist’ Bogeyman


Zionists called the boogey-man on the night of 911.


Osama Bin Laden said in an interview that the attacks of 9/11

were done by Israel

and those inside the US government

to justify an invasion of Muslim countries.

He was right.

He is now dead.

[ … & he was dead long before someone recently claimed that he was found, shot

– and then his unidentified corpse was thrown out the side of a helicopter into the ocean.

Not long after that – the bulk of the same SEAL team that was said to have assassinated bin Laden – died in a helicopter crash ]

Paul J. Balles argues that those who shout “terrorism” loudest

– Israel and America’s Zionists and neo-conservatives –

are themselves serial practitioners of state terrorism and murder committed in the guise of self-defence.

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