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Global Rebellion : The Coming Chaos?

Global elites are confused, reactive, and sinking into a quagmire of their own making,

says author.

As the crisis of global capitalism spirals out of control,

the powers that be in the global system appear to be adrift and unable to propose viable solutions.

From the slaughter of dozens of young protesters by the army in Egypt

to the brutal repression of the Occupy movement in the United States,

and the water cannons brandished by the militarised police in Chile against students and workers,

states and ruling classes are unable to hold back the tide of worldwide popular rebellion

and must resort to ever more generalised repression.

Simply put,

the immense structural inequalities of the global political economy

can no longer be contained through consensual mechanisms of social control.

The ruling classes have lost legitimacy;

we are witnessing a breakdown of ruling-class hegemony on a world scale.

[ God -finally- ]

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