Painting 9/11 Truthers As Extremists & Terrorists Is Malicious Slander


[ … & there is a small handful of quite unpleasant people out there on the internet clutching their tar brushes

– desperate to do just that very thing … … for some reason.

If you can’t see a cover-up … ]

Due to the 9/11 controversy,

there is no public confidence in the American government

or the American establishment media.

They are paper tigers with zero credibility that wish to impose Martial Law in the United States

and start world war three in the Middle East,

because with less than half of the American people on their side

they cannot hold on to power without resorting to terror, chaos, and force.

Telling the truth about state sponsored terrorism and mass murder is not extreme,


or conspiratorial.


engaging in state sponsored terrorism and mass murder is extreme,


and conspiratorial.


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