Libya’s ramshackle government lost control of a former Gaddafi stronghold today after locals staged an armed uprising. Forces loyal to ousted, and now dead, leader Muammar Gaddafi seized control of Bani Walid and then raised in celebration the deposed regime’s green flag on hundreds of buildings. The re-taking of […]

Very important video and appropriate with todays Neocon zionist rhetoric wanting war with Iran and Syria. This video shows how and why it is being done. The media plays a very big part in this.   [youtube]_cDHenTKCzs[/youtube] In this video we learn how the Neocons have rairoaded, and continue railroading […]

  A step by step tutorial on how to delete and not just deactivate your Facebook account, your profile and all data – photos, videos, comments, status updates, friends and connections – associated with it. As I wrote in my article on “Why is Facebook bad“, there are plenty of […]

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