The Neocon Agenda Is Helping Israel Gain Total Control Of The Middle East

Very important video and appropriate with todays Neocon zionist rhetoric wanting war with Iran and Syria.

This video shows how and why it is being done.

The media plays a very big part in this.



In this video we learn how the Neocons have rairoaded, and continue railroading America to hell,

in order to implement their selfish agenda in the Middle East.

What is their agenda?:

1) To facilitate for Israel fragmenting the Middle East in order to grant it total hegemony in the region

as spelled out by the Israeli Oded Yinon in his famous paper “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”.

2) To grant Israel a completely free hand in conducting the ethnic cleansing of Palestine’s native Islamo-Semitic population.

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Thu Jan 26 , 2012
[youtube]g67grWuDmyg[/youtube] Michael Riverio of lays it all out.