Gaddafi’s Green Flag Raised In Libyan Town After Bloody Uprising … As Civil War Fears Rise


Celebration: A photo, reportedly from Bani Walid, shows a green flag being raised as Gaddafi loyalists re-captured the town


Libya’s ramshackle government lost control of a former Gaddafi stronghold today

after locals staged an armed uprising.

Forces loyal to ousted, and now dead, leader Muammar Gaddafi

seized control of Bani Walid and then raised in celebration the deposed regime’s green flag on hundreds of buildings.

Captured: Photos, reportedly taken in Bani Walid, show the flags that represent the presence of supporters of the ousted regime

The re-taking of the town, which saw elders driven out in a lengthy bloody gunbattle which killed four people and left 25 others wounded,

raises the spectre that the country will descend into civil war.

The return of violence to the oil-rich North African nation

will also be met with a rolling of the eyes in Washington and London,

who both spent billions in pushing Gaddafi out.


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