NEW ZEALAND / CHRISTCHURCH QUAKE: Clandestine Technetronic Warfare

Here is a great article just posted by David
describing very nicely what is really going on with the Christchurch earthquakes.

This needs to be spread far and wide around the NZ people and media.

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NEW ZEALAND/CHRISTCHURCH QUAKE: Clandestine Technetronic Warfare

Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010…

“The day before the February 22nd ‘aftershock’ upwards of 1000 personnel from the New Zealand Army, Navy and Air Force gathered just down the road in South Canterbury and North Otago for the largest joint forces operation held in New Zealand for 20 years.”…

The pernicious presence in New Zealand of Texas petroleum heavy-weight Anadarko alone should be setting off alarm bells. Anadarko is the Texas-based ‘petroleum exploration’ corporation whose ‘research vessel’Aquila was in the Christchurch area during anomalous quake activity; similar ‘research vessels’ operated bySeabird are believed to have been in the vicinity of more recent anomalous weather and seismic activity in the Philippines and Sumatra.

The overall scenario in New Zealand is not only that the recent Christchurch quakes were not ‘natural’, but that they are part of what is actually a ‘clandestine war-fighting’ doctrine straight out of a Zbigniew Brzezinski book on ‘geo-strategic imperatives’ whose purpose in essence is to get rid of people who might be in the way of natural resources sought by the ‘power elite’, and in this case to transform New Zealand into a NWO stepping-stone to Antarctica.


Ruses. A ruse is a cunning trick designed to deceive the adversary to obtain friendly advantage. It is characterized by deliberately exposing false or confusing information for collection and interpretation by the adversary.

Displays. Displays are the simulation, disguising, and/or portrayal of friendly objects, units, or capabilities in the projection of the MILDEC story”

When you consider that the Pentagon works for the banking cartel and the energy extraction corporations, and with the new paradigm of ‘environmental warfare disguised as industrial accidents or natural disasters’, no one would be better placed than Anadarko to facilitate Brzezinskian ‘imperial mobilization.’


Of particular note are at least five Anadarko board members, all of whom have direct links to the technology and/or ideology of HAARP and other technetronic warfare systems of which it is but one example…technologies which can not only generate all the effects attributed to ‘global warming’ but can also be used to create earth-quakes and volcanic activity, as well for ‘neuro-warfare’ mind-control operations. To paraphrase researcher Dr. Nick Begich, the advent of ‘technetronic’ weapons is a leap just as profound as the transition from gun powder to atomic bombs.

1) CEO James Hackett, a director of Halliburton (“War, Inc.”, ref. Dick Cheney, 9/11 mastermind & BP-Gulf) and member of Trilateral Commission (= connection to ‘doc tronic’ Brzezinski and Rockefeller)

NOTE: Anadarko publicly accused BP of blowing up their own well; translation: they did it. (redneck aphorism: “The smeller’s the feller!”)

2) Luke Corbett, director of Kerr-McGee (notorious plutonium reprocessor, owned by Anadarko now, ref. Karen Silkwood who was murdered while attempting to reveal information about radiation poisoning at Kerr-McGee)

3) Peter Geren, former Sec. of both Army and Air Force (not to be confused with Peter Garrett, former Australian Minister of the Environment and aging rock-star)

4) Paula Reynolds, director of BAE, a major defense contractor specializing in advanced weapons systems…who just happened to build the HAARP phase 2 upgrade completed in 2006.

BAE SYSTEMS Receives $35 Million For HAARP Program…

5) Most interestingly, General Kevin Chilton, who was until joining Anadarko in May of 2011 the head of theU.S. SPACE COMMAND, after having been the commander of the Strategic Command (STRATCOM)…these are HUGE positions. Chilton was or still is the chief commandant of ‘cyber-warfare’ which is the branch of ‘full spectrum dominance’ targeting the internet. When you watch his interviews he comes across as a gentle, soft-spoken ‘pr’ rep for ‘Uncle Sam the global good-guy’, down-playing American ‘might’ and emphasizing their strictly ‘defensive’ posture. He does in fact have that undefined ‘post-hypnotic astronaut’ voice, as well…he piloted three Space Shuttle missions and was involved in many experiments, possibly involving modification of the ionosphere relating to HAARP.…

The Space Command controls the entire “weapons in space” and “missile defense” dimensions, which includes ALL the “star wars” stuff that gave birth to HAARP. It’s never been about ‘defense.’

With these five people on the board of directors, Anadarko could more accurately be described as a military operation disguised as a corporate enterprise.

Note that not only the Aquila but also all the other ‘exploration vessels’ operated by Seabird have identical ‘golf ball’ domes on their top decks. These may house SBX phased-array antennas or similar technologies which are small versions of HAARP. Remember, “HAARP” is really just one component of a vast global system of technologies linked by super-computer.

Clear Channel (now operated by Bain Capital) is the company operating the radio transmitters which are pummeling Christchurch with excessive RF energy that has been implicated not only in major health issues but also in anomalous earth-quake effects.

Watch for a unique and powerful short documentary comiing soon from Christchurch activist Penny Hargreaves and Contrail founder Rose Paige on this scenario.

HAARP per se, along with other similar installations, local FM transmitters, and ships equipped with such technologies can all function together as an integrated ‘geo-technetronic’ war-fare system.

I’ve been in touch with Brooks Agnew lately who said, in response to my sharing the above information,

You’re way beyond my knowledge of who did what and how they have proliferated the technology. I just know that ELF and ULF can be laced onto the carrier waves and directed in such a way that it could, and I use those words with caution, trigger unstable geology as a quake.


Here is a link to a History Channel doco on these topics featuring Agnew:!

NOTE: U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a former owner of Clear ChannelAnadarko CEO James Hackett met personally with NZ prime minister John Key in November 2012.

With these revelations about Anadarko and about Clear Channel communication, which functioned as a major propaganda army for the Bush administration…well, it’s easy to see who the assassins of Christchurch actually are.

Add in the presence of several “Ministry of Geo-terrorism” luminaries in Christchurch on the day of the February quake, the presence of several U.S. congressmen in John Key’s office during the quake, the fact that Anadarko received their ‘permit’ to begin exploration activities off the Canterbury only FOUR HOURS after the February Christchurch quake, and began their initial ‘electromagnetic survey’ the very next day, it’s all a bit fushy!

Present in Christchurch were the following U.S. officials with direct ties to various aspects of the Brzezinskian ‘war on terror’/’technetronic warfare’ scenario:

Admiral Thad Allen, Coast Guard (ret.), former Deputy Director of FEMA, and “national incident commander” for both Hurricane Katrina and the BP/Gulf disaster, currently Senior Analyst for Rand Corporation and a director of Booz-Allen-Hamilton (both are high-level consultants for government and military enterprise)

NOTE: Ian Brzezinski, son of Zbig, also works for Booz-Allen-Hamilton.

Richard Armitage, former Deputy Secretary of State, was “official coordinator of America’s response to 9/11; author of PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” calling for a “new Pearl Harbour” to create arevolution in military spending.

Timothy Manning, Deputy Director of FEMA, a ‘homeland security’ army who shows up at disasters before they happen; they predicted Hurricane Katrina and Fukushima, as well as a catastrophic earth-quake for the San Francisco area. This one hasn’t materialized yet.

Kurt Campbell, Assistant Secretary of State for Pacific and East Asian Affairs, was in Japan only days before Fukushima meeting with high-level financial people; believed to be a ‘Rockefeller emissary.’

NOTE: All four of these people have military backgrounds, and Armitage, Manning and Campbell have Navy backgrounds; the Navy is the prime operator of HAARP.

With recent revelations about New Zealand’s vast untapped hydrocarbon resources available within theirEEZ…”economic exclusion zone”, the fourth largest in the world…and comparisons to Iran, “the North Sea of the southern hemisphere” and the “Texas of the south” can be heard…unleashed by the Key administration’s eagerness to make Aotearoa a ‘more attractive destination’ for trans-national energy corporations…the following list of companies participating in a recent “NZ Energy Strategy” conference in Wellington might complete the roster of the parties directly responsible for the on-going Christchurch earth-quake scenario, which can truly be called “New Zealand’s 9/11.”…

Those who attended the strategy session include big-player Chevron, owner of the Caltex retail chain in New Zealand, ENI from Italy and US outfit Conoco-Philips alongside Anadarko Petroleum, which has deep-water permits in both the Taranaki and Canterbury Basins, Murphy Oil Corporation and Apache Corporation, China’s National Offshore Oil CorpKorea Gas (KoGas) and the Norwegian state oil company Statol.


The Aquila and others in the Seabird flotilla all have identical ‘golf ball’ domes on their upper deck. We can’t be sure what’s in there…probably not a hippopotamus and not likely to be hydro-ponic gardens…but it’s almost 100% certain that high-tech antennas of some kind are in there, possibly even miniature versions of HAARP.

A little research into ‘seismic data acquisition’ systems tells me that the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute(WHOI, basically a subsidiary of the U.S. Navy; their top ‘radiation’ scientist Ken Buessler just completed a survey of the Pacific ocean and concluded that, yes, there’s radiation there but no, there’s nothing to worry about because the LEVELS ARE SAFE) is a world leader in these technologies.

A typical system consisting of a towed array of transducers, air- or water-guns operates over a frequency range of 20 to 10,000 Hz and may reach effective peak power levels of 30,000 watts per second, or 30 Kilo-joules.

This is a tremendous amount of power, especially considering that mechanical vibrations travel faster and more intensely in water than in air. And note that Brooks Agnew was using his ‘ground probing radar’ to discover petroleum deposits at levels of only 30 to 50 watts. Why all this excessive power?

Extreme power levels far beyond what is required to do the job could prove to be a common element in the occurrence of artificially-induced seismic activity using FM transmitters and ship-based ‘data acquisition systems.’ Note the the New Zealand representative of Anadarko, a Mr. Seay, related that at any given time, more than one hundred ‘research vessels’ like the Aquila would be in action around the world.

These towed underwater arrays are VERY SIMILAR if not IDENTICAL to the notorious LFA-sonar the U.S. Navy uses that explodes the inner ears of cetaceans, within ‘a kill zone the size of Texas.’



As I pointed out, with Anadarko’s OBVIOUS connection to the shadow-government’s eco-warfare-disguised-as-corporate-enterprise paradigm, we’ve GOT to realize that there is a very strong likelihood that what we are thinking of as mere ‘side effects’ of resource exploration are not actually ‘side-effects’ at all but part of the intended war-on-biological-life that the MIC is really all about…the oil-spills, anomalous quakes, and cetacean-strandings may not be accidents but intended outcomes as the result of a full-spectrum war-‘fighting’ doctrine in action.

Another extremely important dimension of the RF energies about from all these sources, e.g.,Anadarko/Seabird boats, Clear Channel ‘communication’ transmitters, etc is that they are saturating the local atmosphere with frequencies which are designed to interact synergistically with the nano-chemo-GMO particulates from chem-trails…the positive ionization created by the RF and the metallic salts activates these substances to facilitate the transformation of the biosphere into a necrosphere and what’s left of ‘humanity’ into quasi-synthetic android-zombie mutants who think Ray Kurzweil is the cyber-messiah. Get your newiBrain now..that way you can check Facebook without lifting a finger! Yikes…unfortunately, what I’m sayiing is NOT a joke
The U.S. Navy and American-based corporations and banks in general who run the military apparatus…likeAnadarko…and who are behind the ‘technetronic warfare’ scenario…HAARP and chem-trails…constitute threats to cetaceans the world over, threats that are literally MILLIONS OF TIMES greater than anything that Japanese whalers and fishermen are doing.


New Zealand is a ‘battle ground’ of global importance right now: Aotearoa is experiencing the latest in full-spectrum imperial mobilization and ‘friendly take-over’ operations since the Christchurch quakes have enabled a ‘9-11’ type response on the parts of government and industry.

Transnational mining and energy extraction entities are salivating over her previously untapped ‘resources’ which have suddenly been made available, thanks to the Key administration. An intensive ‘green-washing’ public relations campaign will ensue in which the powers that be will do their best to persuade everyone in New Zealand that mining…using new ‘eco-friendly environmental mining techniques’…is a good thing, that off-shore drilling is a good thing, that using 30% of south island rivers for dairy irrigation is a good thing, that even more tons per year of 1080 deployment is a good thing.

See, New Zealand is 100% CLEAN AND GREEN, just like those glossy spreads in National Geographic tell us! The money from mining and oil drilling can pay for THOUSANDS of National Geographic ad-verts, to make sure that no one loses track of this very convenient ‘truth’.

‘Global warming’ is the problem…not mining, not oil-drilling, not radiation from Fukushima! Follow the lead of Australia…and look at how they’re benefiting from mining! SHUT UP AND PAY YOUR CARBON TAX.

I personally have witnessed a massive transformation of New Zealand over the past decade, and it’s quite scary. Many kiwis think that Lord of the Rings put Aotearoa on the map as it were; the explosion of fracking, mining and oil drilling is guaranteed to take New Zealand OFF the map as a global tourism destination, in spite of National Geographic. Case in point: look at what is happening with Broome, Western Australia…formerly a remote and tranquil highly-rated tourist destination now being transformed into yet another derelict ‘mining town’ like so many others in Australia because of the new ‘gas hub’ being built…in humpback whale birthing waters…at James Price Point. Broome is an analog of what is happening to New Zealand on a much vaster scale. Do the people of New Zealand REALLY WANT thousands of drilling platforms polluting their EEZ and coastal waters and endangering the marine life they claim to love? Once they’re built, they will be MUCH harder to get rid of.

“Broome: Dubai Down Under”…

“The far north-west of Australia is a sparsely populated oasis where ancient Aboriginal beliefs still prevail. The trouble is, there’s gas there – and developers who want to turn it into a new Emirate.”

“Thyroid Cancer, Fracking and Nuclear Power”…

Fracking a ‘Dirty Bomb’

“Radiation isn’t released into the environment only via nuclear plants and bombs. Geologist Tracy Bank found that fracking mobilizes rock-bound uranium, posing a further radiation risk to our groundwater…Because of some 65 hazardous chemicalsused in fracking operations, former industry insider, James Northrup, calls it a “dirty bomb.”

‘The volume of fluid in a hydrofrack can exceed three million gallons, or almost 24 million pounds of fluid, about the same weight as 7,500 automobiles. The fracking fluid contains chemicals that would be illegal to use in warfare under the rules of the Geneva Convention.‘ “



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