Giving Voice To US / Israeli Threats Against Iran



[ Map of Iran encircled by Anglo military bases ]

As most readers know,

the drumbeat for war on Iran has been building over the last several years in both,

the imperial and alternative media.

Our question is:

if the US / Israeli regime plans to attack,

why threaten and not simply do it.

The writer of the article below tries to explain that the US and Israel

have been building a case against Iran and

“that the Americans and Israelis are preparing the public for war.”

This makes sense but how much time is required to build that case and to

“prepare the public”

– 5 years?



the US and Israel may only have been ramping up the threat to wage war on Iran

with no real intention of doing so or at least not in the near future.

But to what end?

Threats of war can serve a number of purposes.

One may be to position themselves for global domination sometime in the future

and to establish their “right and might” for waging war.

The corporate media

has worked hard to terrorize the world of US and Israel’s ability and


to conduct pre-emptive attacks and assassinations anywhere in the world at any time.

The media does so while covering their behinds with weak objections to the same US / Israeli aggression.

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